Digiloop: Brand Refresh Announcement

Digiloop brand identity

Introducing Our New Brand Identity

Embracing Infinite Possibilities

At Digiloop Private Limited, we are excited to unveil our new brand identity that reflects our commitment to innovation and global growth. Designed by our Digital Media Strategist, Rahul Molla, the new logo symbolizes our journey towards embracing AI-driven solutions and exploring the boundless opportunities of the digital realm.

The Evolution of Digiloop

Our new logo features a vibrant infinity loop, seamlessly integrated into our name. This symbol represents the limitless potential and continuous innovation that define Digiloop. The gradient transition from orange to pink to blue signifies the dynamic nature of digital solutions and our dedication to harnessing AI and Metaverse technologies.

Why the Change?

As we expand our global footprint, our new brand identity is designed to resonate with a diverse international audience. The modern, bold typography and sleek design reflect our professionalism and forward-thinking approach, positioning us as leaders in the digital space.

Experience the Transformation

We invite you to explore our new brand identity and discover how we are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation. Visit our website at www.digiloop.ltd to learn more about our journey and future aspirations. Thank you for being a part of Digiloop’s exciting evolution.
logo breakdown digiloop

Digiloop Logo Breakdown

Overall Design

The new Digiloop logo is a modern and dynamic representation of the company’s evolution and future ambitions. It features a striking infinity loop integrated within the name, symbolizing infinite possibilities and continuous innovation. The design is sleek and contemporary, reflecting the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and a global outlook.

Infinity Loop Symbol

Design and Meaning:

  • Shape: The infinity loop is seamlessly incorporated into the word “DIGILOOP,” replacing the double ‘O’s. This design choice not only maintains the readability of the brand name but also adds a symbolic element that signifies endless opportunities and perpetual motion.
  • Symbolism: The infinity loop represents the boundless potential of the digital world, aligning with Digiloop’s mission to harness AI and digital technologies for infinite possibilities.

Color Palette:

  • Gradient: The infinity loop features a vibrant gradient transition from orange to pink to blue. This gradient reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of digital solutions.
  • Color Codes:
    • Orange: #FF6A00
    • Pink: #FF00A1
    • Blue: #009EFF



  • Style: The font used for “DIGILOOP” is modern and bold, exuding a sense of strength and reliability. The clean lines and geometric shapes convey a professional and forward-thinking image.
  • Customization: The typeface has been customized to integrate seamlessly with the infinity loop, ensuring that the logo is cohesive and visually appealing.


  • Primary Color: The primary color for the text is a deep, almost black shade of blue (#1E2B3E). This color choice enhances readability while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance.

Detailed Color Palette

  • Primary Text Color: #1E2B3E (Deep Blue)
  • Gradient Colors:
    • Orange Start: #FF6A00
    • Pink Middle: #FF00A1
    • Blue End: #009EFF

Symbolism and Meaning

Infinity Loop:

  • Endless Innovation: The loop signifies continuous improvement and the limitless potential of digital innovation.
  • AI and Metaverse: The gradient within the loop represents the seamless integration of various digital technologies, including AI and the Metaverse, highlighting Digiloop’s commitment to exploring new frontiers.


  • Professionalism: The clean and bold typeface signifies professionalism and reliability.
  • Forward-Thinking: The modern design of the font reflects the company’s forward-thinking approach and readiness to embrace future technologies.


The new Digiloop logo is a powerful symbol of the company’s journey and future direction. It combines a modern and sleek design with deep symbolic meaning, encapsulating the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. The thoughtful integration of the infinity loop and the vibrant color palette make it a memorable and impactful representation of Digiloop’s brand identity.

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